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Our location in Carson City is closed. Joel will be available, in Carson City, most Sundays & Mondays for buying and selling -if you call with your needs during the week.

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  Is open in Modesto, CA. 

  10:30 AM till  5:00 PM Tue. - Fri. and 3pm- ish on Sat. 


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North west corner of McHenry and Woodrow Ave. behind Sherwin-Williams Paint and P. Wexfords Irish Pub located at 3313 McHenry. Woodrow is the signal light between Rumble and Standiford.



Coin list " half way" updated February 12 th 2008 - TWO YEARS AGO !

We are open for business face to face in the shop and are happy to help over the phone

Please do not order from the site at this time as most prices have changed.


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 Mid Day Metals ?????

  February 12th  2010

Spot Gold $1,079.90   

Spot Silver  $15.41

The metals market is swinging so wildly we can't update fast enough.

The premiums on all metals are insane, depending on what you are after be prepared to spend 15% to 30% over spot for basic bullion items.  



  In Stock Now

  2010 American Silver Eagle   $25.00 each

All one ounce and larger silver coins are priced based on silver at $15.00 an ounce. Adjustments will be made for wildly swinging silver prices AND THEY ARE.


  In Stock Ready to Ship Now.

2007 Australian Year of the PIG - Boar 1oz Silver $34.95 each

In Stock Ready to Ship.




Whitman Blue Folders


The Whitman Blue folders are by far the most popular way to display circulated coins. Many young collectors get their start filling up one of these folders, in fact my 9 year old son has just begun his statehood quarter collection in just this type of folder. 







Below are listed the folders available, just click on the blue hyperlink to purchase the folder you need.



9003 Indian and Flying Eagle Cents 1857-1909
9004 Lincoln Head Cent 1909-1940
9030 Lincoln Head Cent 1941-1974
9033 Lincoln Head Cent-Starting 1975
9000 Lincoln Memorial-Starting 1959
9041 Cent- Plain, no printing
9007 Liberty "V" Nickel 1883-1912
9008 Buffalo Nickel 1913-1938
9009 Jefferson Nickel 1938-1961
9039 Jefferson Nickel-Starting 1962
9042 Nickels-Plain, no printing
9014 Mercury Head Dime 1916-1945
9029 Roosevelt Dime 1946-1964
9034 Roosevelt Dime-Starting 1965
9043 Dimes-Plain, no printing
9018 Washington Quarter 1932-1945
9031 Washington Head Quarter 1946-1964
9040 Washington Head Quarter 1965-1987
9038 Washington Head Quarter 1988-2000
Harris Brand 2580 Washington Quarter (STATEHOOD) 1999-2003
Harris Barnd 2581 Washington Quarter (STATEHOOD) 2004-2008
9041 Washington Head Quarter-no mintmarks 1999-2008
9042 Washington Head Quarter-1999-2001

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