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Our location in Carson City is closed. Joel will be available, in Carson City, most Sundays & Mondays for buying and selling -if you call with your needs during the week.

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Coin list " half way" updated February 12 th 2008 - TWO YEARS AGO !

We are open for business face to face in the shop and are happy to help over the phone

Please do not order from the site at this time as most prices have changed.


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 Mid Day Metals ?????

  February 12th  2010

Spot Gold $1,079.90   

Spot Silver  $15.41

The metals market is swinging so wildly we can't update fast enough.

The premiums on all metals are insane, depending on what you are after be prepared to spend 15% to 30% over spot for basic bullion items.  



  In Stock Now

  2010 American Silver Eagle   $25.00 each

All one ounce and larger silver coins are priced based on silver at $15.00 an ounce. Adjustments will be made for wildly swinging silver prices AND THEY ARE.


  In Stock Ready to Ship Now.

2007 Australian Year of the PIG - Boar 1oz Silver $34.95 each

In Stock Ready to Ship.




At Old Mint Coin & Bullion we carry a huge selection of Reference Guides, Coin Holders, Albums and most other supplies to help you with your coin collecting. The links on the left will take you to the section you need, and just click on any blue hyperlink to buy your item. Listed Below are the basic items every coin collector should have. 

You will notice that we do not sell coin cleaners of any kind.

$$$  Cleaning coins kills coin values  !!!


Red Book

The first book that most collectors buy is the RED BOOK, properly known as “A Guide Book of United States Coins”. You must have a Red Book to even begin to know what a coin is and what it is worth. Without a Red Book you are not really qualified to ask an answerable question. The Red Book is the coin collector’s bible and contains virtually all basic identification and valuation information. Everybody else has a red book and so should you.
Packed with color photos and statistical information. This resource is for United States Coins and the closely related. 


Click here to buy your 2006 Red Book for $16.95 ( Hard Back )

Click here to buy your 2006 Red Book for $14.95  ( Soft Cover Spiral Bound )



ANA Grading Guide 

Brand New 6th    Edition

The ANA Grading Guide utilizes hundreds of good quality photographs to acquaint you with the nuances of coin grading. Many collectors seriously mis grade, under grade and over grade their coins because they have nothing to compare their coins to. This book goes a long way toward avoiding that kind of expensive mistakes. A Must Have! I recommend that the first chapter be read several times before you do anything else with or about coins. This information can make and or save you a ton of money. Please do not clean your coins. Cleaning kills coin values!

Spiral bound, 368 Pages, $16.95



10 Power ANCO Loupe

This is a professional quality 10x Loupe. This is the same piece that we use every day to make a living buying and selling rare coins. Without this valuable pocket piece, you will not be able to see well enough to intelligently evaluate a rare coin.

Largest available 10x Loupe, $12.95




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