Please note: There is no CA. sales tax on Gold and Silver Bullion or Numismatic coins when your invoice totals over $1,500.oo.

See me in person for details.

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Modesto Coin & Bullion

Our location in Carson City is closed. Joel will be available, in Carson City, most Sundays & Mondays for buying and selling -if you call with your needs during the week.

 ~Modesto Coin & Bullion~

  Is open in Modesto, CA. 

  10:30 AM till  5:00 PM Tue. - Fri. and 3pm- ish on Sat. 


For my friends in Reno - Carson City call (775)-721-6560Reno area cell


For my new friends in Modesto and surrounding areas call

(209)-521-6500 Modesto office

Please come visit us in Modesto

145 Woodrow Ave. Suite D

Modesto, CA 95350

North west corner of McHenry and Woodrow Ave. behind Sherwin-Williams Paint and P. Wexfords Irish Pub located at 3313 McHenry. Woodrow is the signal light between Rumble and Standiford.



Coin list " half way" updated February 12 th 2008 - TWO YEARS AGO !

We are open for business face to face in the shop and are happy to help over the phone

Please do not order from the site at this time as most prices have changed.


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Sell your Proof Sets

 Mid Day Metals ?????

  February 12th  2010

Spot Gold $1,079.90   

Spot Silver  $15.41

The metals market is swinging so wildly we can't update fast enough.

The premiums on all metals are insane, depending on what you are after be prepared to spend 15% to 30% over spot for basic bullion items.  



  In Stock Now

  2010 American Silver Eagle   $25.00 each

All one ounce and larger silver coins are priced based on silver at $15.00 an ounce. Adjustments will be made for wildly swinging silver prices AND THEY ARE.


  In Stock Ready to Ship Now.

2007 Australian Year of the PIG - Boar 1oz Silver $34.95 each

In Stock Ready to Ship.




We buy all coins, paper money, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and complete collections. If you do not see your product listed on these buy pages, please email for information on your items

In order to sell us your coins or precious metals simply ship us your products via U.S. Postal service, and upon arrival we will figure out what everything is worth to us and mail you a check.


bulletIf you want to lock in your price make sure you call us at 1-800-649-2646 and initiate a verbal agreement. In order for the agreement to be valid you must ship your product the same day we speak on the telephone.
bulletDo not call us to ask whether or not another dealer has given you a good deal. We will not comment on the integrity or business practices of our competitors.
bulletIt is in your best interest to include a complete inventory in your package, and keep a copy for yourself.
bulletWe are dealing in properly described coins. Scratched, dented, worn or otherwise abused coins will be discounted heavily.
bulletMake sure that you pack your products securely. Movement inside the package during shipping is your enemy, your coins are delicate and are easily damaged.
bulletWe recommend that you send your products insured or registered insured via the U.S. Mail and request a return receipt. We cannot guarantee the safety of your products until they reach Old Mint Coin & Bullion.



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